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Covid 19 is killing Real Estate Agents

Not being able to work for the whole month of April 2020 is not ideal for me as I am always outside looking for opportunities. This month, the Singapore Government has placed our country on a lockdown termed the "Circuit Breaker". It is indeed an interesting term and I am sure many residents misuse the acronym CB. This CB is Killing me! This CCB is really hard on us (Covid Circuit Breaker).

During this quiet time, us Agents can't do much. It is not permitted to conduct viewings or even synchronise it, setting it up for Landlord and Tenant to meet up on their own. If caught in the act, we could be fined S$10,000 and might include a jail term, PLUS revoke our Agent License. Soooooo... Upgrading ourselves will be the best thing to do when we are in down time. For me, I created this website to draw more online presence. With Wix, it was quite easy creating the website. Designing it was pretty easy too. I only needed to include my content, which is to provide the services that I am able to perform. I also am going into video marketing. Video marketing in the sense where I create content that is interesting for Clients to view so that they have a clearer picture on the process. Yet it may seem like it is reallllllyyyy easy, to add in appropriate content to address a topic is really difficult. There is so much info that I can add into selling a private property. Oh well, too much to rant. During this time, ZOOM is our best friend. My friend and colleague Steve Chen hosted a meeting teaching us to take advantage of ERA's new launch free website. I was cleaning the house and thus didn't attend. ): Steve is a ZOOM call away though but he will have to repeat everything to me again. (: ZOOM is really amazing. I had a 4 hour chat with 2 of my other good friends the other day and we could show each other the documents we were working on. I like ZOOM.

Anyway I hope Covid passes soon. It is draining to be at home without income. I forsee that my personal income target is really hard to achieve for this year. Hope Covid passes and to all who read this, PLEASE STAY AT HOME. Today is Day 7 of the CB. Adios!

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